We've all purchased jewelry which eventually needed a cleaning. The question is "how do we do it without ruining the product?" How do we care for our handmade jewelry and give it the longest life possible?
Below are a few tips and tricks that I am sure will help you out.


  • Store your handmade jewelry in a jewelry box or closed tight container (some place dry) to avoid dry rotting and tarnish.
  • Use a jewelry cleaner or a very mild soap and water solution to clean your beaded jewelry. 
  • Do not soak your jewelry
  • Separated compartments work great for different types of pieces. It eliminates rubbing and scratches which occurs when different pieces are stored together.
  • The use of zip lock bags have been proven handy as well. I use them myself to keep air (all elements) away from jewelry that I may not wear for a long period of time. Some handmade jewelry left in the air for long periods of time will add a foggy color to stainless steel and bronze giving you the impression that it has faded, when it fact it only needs gentle care and cleaning using a jewelry cloth of your choice. This could take time which is why it's important to store away you items to avoid the hassle.
  • Rotate your jewelry out sometimes. If you want your piece to have the longest life possible, I suggest not wearing it everyday. Though the jewelry is intended to be worn, limiting how much will go a long way in the life of the item. 
  • Stainless steel can be easily wiped and brought back to life using a jewelry cloth. Just shine, buff, and wear.

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